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Today I am grateful. I run daily (five days a week) in the morning. This morning is a spectacularly lovely spring day… the sun rising over green fields and barns, residential homes along the way. The light is always changing throughout the year, but today is extra wonderful. I love spring. I love running. I love fresh air in my face and filling my lungs. I love taking my faithful hound Heidi along… well most of the time. She likes to stop to “mark” every 50 yards. Its annoying. But she is so happy to come along, I cannot deny her.

You are wondering what the heck? This is a blog about painting, right? You’re a painter, right? Why yes. Yes I am. Ten years ago I would have been—in this order— a runner , graphic designer, and “wanna be painter”. But I was too intimidated to try. I wish I would have said “screw that” decades ago, but I guess you get to be where you need to be when the time is right. Still, if you are a “wanna be painter”, DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. JUST DO IT.

Now I consider myself a PAINTER and runner. Painter first. I am in love with painting and learning new painting things everyday. Creating is so satisfying. The actual process of painting puts me in a completely different head space. There is a flow and concentration that blocks out everything else. Which may or may not be a good thing, but with the state of the world now, I kind of like the respite.

So back to running. I love the meditative quality when running—I mentally go over my plans, my ideas, my to do list. Running makes my brain work better. It allows light in, energy that brings new concepts, new desires, and new inspiration. If you ever have creative block, go do something physical. Your brain needs more blood flow.

I will keep this first post short. (MY FIRST POST!) I just wanted to say that my run today made me very grateful for so very, very much. I am blessed to have a home, a family who loves me, a passion for something I love, a long awaited sunny day, a great dog, (and three great cats). I live in a country that is peaceful and free. Oh, and not to forget, I sold a painting yesterday! To a friend, (thank you Nancy!) but that still counts! Thank you universe.

In my running meditation, I sent love and healing to the Ukraine, and asked for Putin to PLEASE JUST STOP. We all deserve a life without fear of falling missiles and devastation. That is all. Wishing you all the best, most creative, productive day.

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I sold a painting yesterday. smile